Book Review – A Match Made For Murder by Iona Whishaw

Thank you, Touchwood for a review copy of this book!

With all of the craziness happening in the world right now, it’s really great to read something lovely and familiar. Lane Winslow’s latest adventure definitely fits the bill. 

The story picks up shortly after A Deceptive Devotion; Lane and Darling are married and off on their honeymoon in Arizona. But while they hope for a relaxing trip, it inevitably takes a turn when a fellow hotel guest is murdered. Meanwhile, back in Nelson, Darling’s partner Ames is investigating a suspicious death of his own – two mysteries for the price of one. 

Whishaw definitely doesn’t shy away from some pretty heavy themes in this book: institutionalized racism, sexual assault, PTSD and domestic abuse. Each issue is handled thoughtfully and respectfully – maintaining that familiar Lane Winslow tone that makes this series so fantastic and memorable. 

So if you’re wondering whether book 7 is just as enjoyable as books 1 through 6, rest assured that you won’t be disappointed. I loved it, and I can’t wait for the next instalment. 


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