Book Review – A Deceptive Devotion by Iona Whishaw

Happy book birthday to A Deceptive Devotion, and thank you Touchwood Editions for the advance copy! 

This is book 6 in the Lane Winslow cozy mystery series, and Kings Cove is once again host to a murder. Lane and Darling are trying to balance wedding planning with a criminal investigation, the resurgence of Lane’s British Intelligence secrets and a surprise Russian house guest. 

This latest story ties back to the previous books quite nicely, with the return of a few familiar faces. Like the other books, Whishaw’s character development is fantastic – they are all wonderfully real and complex. Lane and Darling’s banter is back full force – you can practically see the sparks come off the page. The path they follow is a bit bumpy, but the journey brings up some very thought provoking points about having secrets in a relationship and how marriage can change a person. It was a great touch – I love how these books balance the latest mystery with their ongoing relationship development.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again – I would love to live in Kings Cove, even with the occasional murder! And I’m totally envious of Lane’s cottage – a bit odd I’ll admit, seeing as it doesn’t exist. Just consider it a testament to Whishaw’s world-building talent!

This book feels like an ending. And it’s perfect if it is, but I’m really hoping there’s another book coming along. I’m not ready for Lane’s story to end!


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